Getting It Right In Camera

“I’ll just fix it in post”

This is one of those phrases in photography that drives me nuts. Earlier today, I read an opinion article by a photographer who fully embraced everything that is bad about digital photography. He espoused the goodness of new photographers staying on Auto mode until they learned how to properly use Photoshop. He encouraged them to use the high-speed multi-exposure option to increase their odds of getting a good photo. He even encouraged newbies to only shoot in JPEG, so they could fit more photos on a memory card ! Sigh…

Personally, I prefer to try to get it right in camera. That means having a basic understanding of photographic techniques. Understanding how the Exposure Triangle works – you know: ISO vs Shutter Speed vs Aperture ? Now, let’s be fair. It depends what kind of photographer you aspire to be. I consider myself more of a Curator than a Creator. By that I mean that I want to capture and share what I saw, as it happened. Creators will make extensive use of digital manipulation techniques to create their art. I have a ton of respect for their creativity – but that’s not who _I_ want to be.

Generally, I shoot in Aperture Priority mode. If you picked up my camera, you’d see it is kept in A mode, ISO 400, Aperture of f8 and Shutter Speed around 250. This is a decent middle ground for my camera and lense combination. If I need to shoot something that is happening quickly, I can pretty much shoot once the lense cap is off ! Of course, there might be minor adjustments, especially if it’s dark. I don’t keep a flash permanently mounted in the hot-shoe after all…

Equally, the more I can get right in the camera, the less time I have to worry about messing around for hours in post-processing. I tend to keep my gear fairly light, opting to make extensive use of Lightroom Mobile on my iPad. Since I don’t have all the bells and whistles available to me, I’m somewhat forced to practice better shooting technique. 


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