Seeing in Black and White

As you know, I’ve started to think experiment with film as a means of learning to hone my craft. I exposed a roll of 36 frames and have sent it yo the lab for processing. Now I wait …   … and it’s killing me !  I am fraught with anxious anticipation. Is the camera OK, or do I have blank celluloid ? Did the metering system work correctly ? … and on and on and on…

In the interim, I guess I need to train my eye to look for good B&W opportunities. Here are a couple of colour digital photos I made, and then converted to B&W in post…

This one worked well, as it had plenty of gradients, which show up nicely in a B&W photo. The following one has great contrast – more blacks and whites, with fiewer greys. 

All in all, I’m excited to be working with film. There’s more emphasis on getting ethereal exposure right in camera, as there is a lot less I can do n post ! Unless I start souring and printing my own photos…


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